How This Site Works

The idea for this website came from a conversation I had with Baiba Tetere, a friend and colleague who is a researcher of Latvian and Baltic photography. I told her about a blog entry I wrote for IB Tauris, "The Trouble With Living Artists," documenting some of the adventures I had interviewing artists for my first book. She suggested blogging the adventures that were yet to come. 

From there I had the idea to include not only a blog, but an entry about each artist that I met, to create an impromptu database of artists who do or have done performance or performative works in the region.

For each country that I cover in my research, I created a folder for that country, with a page about each artist I met, and sometimes also about the art and cultural centers I encountered in the field. The choice to organize the artists by country stems primarily from the limitations of the template I am using. I didn't really want to reduce artists to being representatives of their countries, especially in such a global age (and my research aims to break down borders rather than keep them firmly in place). But then, it might make it easier to use as a resource. And I hope that it will be used as a resource by others who share my interest in performance art.

For the entries about the artists, I draw on my experience as a freelance journalist when I was living in Latvia. The entries are meant to be enjoyable to read, not necessarily academic. They also constitute my impressions following my meetings with the artists. I invite comments and feedback from the artists themselves, and anyone who knows their work. I consider it a living archive, as I would like to add to it and change it as I receive feedback.

Thanks for reading!